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A Day in the Life of Charlie Thorburn

The daily routine at Mordor Gundogs starts at 5.30am, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Christmas and New Year’s Day are just other training days.

The first task of the day is to let the dogs out for their first of at least five free-running exercise times in one of our four completely secure areas. We have five grass areas, allowing to keep the boys and girls apart, and to rest one grass area each day. The paddocks are mown regularly so they can be kept totally clean. We also have a large concrete area that we use should the weather be so bad that a grass runs are not an option. During this time one of the kennel assistants watches over the dogs to insure that any unacceptable behaviour is corrected immediately. At Mordor we believe that every hour should be used in some constructive training regime.

Mordor Gun Dogs free running in one of the four completlely secure grass areas at
                Mordor Gundogs

While the dogs are having there exercise the daily task of cleaning out all of our forty purposes built kennels begins. The dogs are trained that messing in the kennel is not acceptable, there will be the occasional accident from some of the younger puppies, new intakes or borders however again there is nearly always an assistant in the kennel area to insure any accidents are quickly cleaned up. Once the kennels are cleaned the dogs are then brought back in and put in their kennels, this time is again used as a training time as dogs are called individually forward and put in the kennel this teaches them even in the pack environment they can instructed as individuals so they only “GET IN” to the kennel when their name is called and not before.

Now it’s a bit of breakfast for the dogs and gives the staff and I and an opportunity to plan the day ahead. The Mordor way of training gundogs is more adaptive rather than strictly regime orientated. Each day I work with a dog it is watched intently as it follows the Mordor Way. However if a situation arrives that a change of tack is required that is exactly what happens. Each dog is very different.

Young dogs are taken out individually and worked on basic obedience on a one to one with myself and this will continue until I feel that they are rock steady and ready to be introduced into the hustle and bustle of a pack training environment. I believe this method is what really makes the dogs I train rock steady. Even in the pack environment when I am working with an individual dog, the others by the mere fact they are present and sitting down are also being taught steadiness. A normal pack training environment might have from between two to fifteen dogs all working together. This regime is followed no matter what the breed is so a Springer or Cocker at the peg should be just as calm and steady as the calmest retriever. Each dog is however very different in what can be achieved but we always look for perfection.

Charlie Thorburn of Mordor Gon Dogs training Tulla, an English Springer Spaniel

This regime will be followed until all the dogs have been out and worked with, so each dog will possibly get two 10 minute intervals of one to one with me but as much as three hours training each and every day.

All the above is mixed with at least five free running exercise times, feeding, cleaning and any individual customer requirements such as one to one dog handler training. The day normally finishes at approximately 8pm,  often later in the summer. Who says the professional gundog trainer has a great life?

Charlie Thorburn


"Marmite is settling in a treat - the way she acts you’d think she’s been here for years. We’ve had no problems with her discipline whatsoever, nor has she messed indoors. She knows exactly what you’re asking her to do usually before you even ask her. I still can’t believe how lovely her nature is. She’s never happier than when she’s up to her belly in gorse and swamp, which is great fun until she gets back in the house and fancies a snooze on the sofa!

Just thought I’d say thanks for selling her to us as were getting endless pleasure from her, which is down to the way you’ve brought her up. Anyone whose seen her is amazed at her intelligence, obedience and good nature. Thanks again!"
Steve Hammond


“We had our first driven day today and little Buddy was great. A cocker spaniel sitting off the lead at the peg...what a good job you have done - thanks!”
Graeme Steel, Border Driveways


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Charlie Thorburn has been featured in Scottishfield, Scotland’s premier lifestyle magazine, as one of the most saught after trainers in the world.

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