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Training at Mordor Gundogs

Buying a Ready-trained Family Pet Dog or Gun Dog

At Mordor Gundogs, each time we breed a litter of pups, we normally keep one or two for ourselves to train up. Some are available as older dogs for those of you not wishing to have the hassle that come with a puppy. You don't have to buy a gun dog from us - we offer obediently trained dogs as family pets too.

Each person has individual needs but to give an idea of the different options, we have broken these down below.

Pups at Mordor Gun Dogs

6-10 Months Old

A pup will know its name, the basic sit-stay, and heeling on/off the lead. Basic retrieving. To stay close to handler when off the lead and recalling.

Training at Mordor Gun Dogs

10-14 Months Old

The disciplines of the previous age group will be to a far higher standard. More gundog work with retrieving and hunting. Working to whistle and voice and hand signals. Introduction to game and steadied while working. A little experience with guns and game.

Training at Mordor Gun Dogs

14-20 Months Old

This dog will have all the knowledge needed to go shooting and do what the new owner requires but will likely have limited experience out in shooting field.

Mordor Gun Dogs on a pheasant shoot in Scotland

Over 20 Months Old

This dog will be fully trained and experience. It will have had in the region of 20+ days in a variety of shoots from walking up rabbits to sitting on a peg on a large pheasant shoot.

As well as the training to become a gundog, we ensure the dog has experienced most things that the average family pet will have to endure - from children pulling their tails to horses galloping, and from walking down the high street in town to walking amongst sheep in the hills. We are also happy to cater to any individual need, no matter how different.


"Canine Partners is very pleased to be associated with Charlie Thorburn, breeder and trainer, and most grateful for the practical support he has shown in offering a fine young dog to us - to train as an assistance dog - helping to open doors for independence for people with disabilities.
We depend upon splendid people like Charlie to help the Charity in its mission to transform peoples’ lives. Our dogs are trained over two years, to learn up to a hundred discrete commands and not only provide practical assistance to their human 'partner(s)’, but also companionship and therapeutic benefit.
Our dogs pay for themselves six times over in social care terms.Recruiting dogs like those bred by Charlie Thorburn means we can depend upon quality and consistency and ensure the best possible outcome for our canine partners and their human recipients."
Terry Knott, Chief Executive, Canine Partners

West Sussex

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A great gift idea perfect for a friend or family member. Let your friends and family learn how to control their dog in a happy, confident way.


Charlie Thorburn has been featured in Scottishfield, Scotland’s premier lifestyle magazine, as one of the most saught after trainers in the world.

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