Mordor Gun Dogs in Scottish Country

Public Demonstrations

As well as training gundogs for individuals,
we are also available for public demonstrations.

Game Fairs & Country Shows

Every year we visit a number of game fairs and country shows performing a main ring display, lasting 20-45 minutes, showing the ins and outs of gundog training. We use around 12 to 15 dogs ranging from 8 weeks to 8 years of age in the display. We talk about the different dogs and training aspects, whilst also providing the public with many useful tips and tricks that apply to all dog owners’not just gundogs. We include audience participation and the younger members watching to entertain a wide spectrum of viewers. The display has been described as 'entertaining and humorous, yet informative and wonderful to watch'.

Corporate Days

We are happy to take part in corporate days involving smaller groups of people.
As well as our main display, we can also provide a more hands on feel. Participants can be shown the ins and outs of working dogs and an insight to the psychology used to get the dogs to understand you and work for you.

School & Educational Days

We are happy to visit schools or events organised for children with our team of dogs to give displays. Our vists include a hands-on approach to looking after the dogs and how to train them. Children get involved with the display to keep their interest and help them learn. A very young puppy is normally brought with us to entertain the children, although it is usually the teachers who fall in love!

Note: We have all necessary up-to-date insurance for these events.

Events Calendar

May 2014

  • Gordon Castle Highland Games
    18 May 2014
  • Fife Show, Cupar
    24 May 2014
  • Royal Highland Show
    19-22 May 2014

July 2014

  • Scone Game Fair
    04-06 July 2014
  • Perthshire Gun Dog Rescue Open Day
    26th July 2014

August 2014

  • Kinross Show
    09 August 2014
  • Blair Horse Trials
    23-24 August 2014

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Charlie Thorburn has been featured in Scottishfield, Scotland’s premier lifestyle magazine, as one of the most saught after trainers in the world.

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