Cocker Spaniel Gun Dogs at Mordor Gun Dogs, Perthshire, Scotland


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Charlie Thorburn with his Gun Dog puppies, Mordor Gun Dogs, Perthshire, Scotland.

One Man and His Dog

Scottishfield 2013

Despite just being 32, Perthshire's Charlie Thorburn is already the world's most saught after gun dog trainers. Such is his reknown, that the map on his kitchen wall is peppered with pins, each one marking a dog. There are pins in Puerto Rico, Georgia, Abu Dhabi, Russia and virtually all the points in between, with America's eastern seaboard so densely covered in pins that it is impossible to see the paper.

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Cocker Spaniel Gun Dog catching a Pheasant during a shoot in Perthshire, Mordor Gun Dogs, Scotland

Gun Dog Schools

The Field, 09 March 2011

For youthful gundogs, the happiest days of their lives are their schooldays. The Eton or Sandhurst of dog training will certainly be expensive for the owner but, it is hoped, will produce one of the best workers in the field. Above all, from the dog’s perspective, it will be excellent fun.This, at least, is the opinion of gundog trainers. They take enormous pride in their pupils, whether the young dogs have had the full “boarding school” experience for four or six months or just a few “crammer sessions” in the rabbit pen.

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"Just to say that everything is going fantastically well. We are delighted with Bovril. Thanks for all you extra advice with regards to settling her into the house etc. She is getting 3 to 5 days shooting a week and is behaving impeccably. Really, I would like to raise a complaint but well I can’t. We are absolutely delighted with her. If you are ever near us do come and see her and us."
Alistair Jack


"Little Kora is very happy. She likes the food and has found a new girlfriend named Agatha. She is very sweet, active, and very well adapted to her new circumstances. We look forward to shooting with her."
Anne-Marie & André Swenden


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Charlie Thorburn has been featured in Scottishfield, Scotland’s premier lifestyle magazine, as one of the most saught after trainers in the world.

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